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Men and Fathers

Men and Fathers

Would you like to discover how you can release your worries,
get the facts and put a divorce financial plan in place
so you get your best settlement possible?

If you’re dealing with the stressors of divorce, I can help you move
past middle of the night anxiety to calm your stress, get crystal clear,
gain control and receive your fair share in your divorce.

Let’s face it. Divorce is difficult even under the most civil of circumstances. Many people want to have an amicable divorce (and I am certainly a proponent of that), but getting your fair share may take more than just being nice and getting legal advice. After all, how can you know if you are making wise choices if you don’t have the all financial facts to base those decisions upon? And perhaps neither does your lawyer.


Can you relate to this?

You’re a working husband / father who has always provided for your family and you want to make sure that after taking care of your children’s needs, you will not be giving up more than you have to or paying the IRS for avoidable mistakes.

Men in your situation often ask me questions like…

  • How can I maximize the tax impact of alimony payments to be beneficial for my circumstances?
  • What can I expect to realistically pay for child support and/or alimony?
  • How do I balance my ability to pay alimony with my own living needs?
  • What is the best way to divide our assets and debts?
  • What about debts we have together? What impact does it have on my credit?
  • How do I stay out of trouble with the IRS in my divorce?
  • How do we deal with my future pension?
  • How do we divide the assets and debts in a way that makes sure I get my fair share?

If you can relate to any of these, don’t worry, you are in the right place. Help is here.


Here’s What You Can Do Next…

Not sure where to begin or what comes next in your personal situation? Need further guidance to help you move from overwhelm to action? Join me for a Divorce Discovery Session and I will personally guide you to clarity about your current financial situation, help you understand how to side-step problem areas, and assist you to plan the right divorce for you and your family. Register here now to save your finances, your family and your future from common, costly and usually permanent mistakes!

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