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Alimony in YOUR Life?

Alimony in YOUR Life?

When many people think of word “support” in divorce, they immediately think of money. Yet, Merriam-Webster defines “support,” in part: To promote the interests or cause of / to uphold or defend as valid or right / to assist or help To pay the costs of To keep from fainting, yielding or losing courage To keep something going Support in…read more →

What You Should Know About Getting Divorced In an Equitable Property State

Equitable Property does not mean “half.” The division of marital assets is determined by whether you live in a community property  or an equitable property state.  Dividing marital assets is often one of the most complex and contentious aspects of getting divorced. The majority of the states in the United States are equitable property states. Laws, however, can vary widely…read more →

Divorce Saloon Q and A

 DIVORCE SALOON: Good Morning and Thank you for taking the time to speak with us   LISA DECKER: My honor and pleasure.  Thank you for inviting me.   DIVORCE SALOON: So we thought we wanted to get some information on how to handle money issues in a divorce and we understand that you are a certified divorce financial analyst. Can you please…read more →

I’m Outraged – Demand Answers from AIG’s CEO!

I have been involved with Common Cause for many years and respect the work they do.  This latest call to action really strikes a nerve for me – Demand Answers from AIG’s CEO – I am constantly amazed at how freely funds are given to these corporate behemoths without the proper oversight and conditions.  How in the world can…read more →

Get Out of Debt – Faster and with no extra cash needed!

My colleague, Cindy Morus, has created a fabulous program, the Pay Debt Quickly system.  If you want some great ideas on how to get out of debt faster without any extra money out of pocket, then you must check out her program now!  And be sure to read the great tips below on what to do with your tax refund…read more →