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Saying Goodbye to YOUR Family Home?

Saying Goodbye to YOUR Family Home?

Here we are… in the middle of summer, in the middle of the year and maybe you or a loved one finds himself in the middle of a divorce.  Maybe you’ll soon be in the middle of an emotional move from the family home. It could be that selling the marital home is the only way both parties will be…read more →

What You Should Know About Getting Divorced In an Equitable Property State

Equitable Property does not mean “half.” The division of marital assets is determined by whether you live in a community property  or an equitable property state.  Dividing marital assets is often one of the most complex and contentious aspects of getting divorced. The majority of the states in the United States are equitable property states. Laws, however, can vary widely…read more →

Getting Divorced: How States Classify Separate Property vs. Marital Property

Marital Property:  What’s Yours is Mine and What’s Mine is Mine.  Well, maybe not… If you are getting divorced, one step that causes a lot of anxiety is the division of property.  Spouses getting divorced should be aware that individual state laws vary greatly in the areas of how property is classified (marital or separate) and the manner in which…read more →

Getting divorced: How to Split Your Marital Assets When Splitting Up

When getting divorced, divvying up marital assets and debts can be complicated. How you and your spouse will divide your marital assets may depend on a wide array of legal and financial factors. A specially trained financial professional, such as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), can help you navigate the process.

 Before your case reaches the courts, your CDFA can help you attempt to reach an agreement with your spouse concerning who will get which marital assets. Otherwise, assets will be divided strictly according to the court’s guidelines.

Beginning Divorce? Mind Your Money Matters

As we come toward the end of another year, many people start thinking about changes they want to see in their lives for the new year.  If divorce is in your future, this article I wrote recently can be invaluable to your financial prosperity.   Mind Your Money Matters – Beginning Divorce By Lisa C. Decker, CDFA Keeping an eye…read more →