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Alimony in YOUR Life?

Alimony in YOUR Life?

When many people think of word “support” in divorce, they immediately think of money. Yet, Merriam-Webster defines “support,” in part: To promote the interests or cause of / to uphold or defend as valid or right / to assist or help To pay the costs of To keep from fainting, yielding or losing courage To keep something going Support in…read more →

Getting divorced: How to Split Your Marital Assets When Splitting Up

When getting divorced, divvying up marital assets and debts can be complicated. How you and your spouse will divide your marital assets may depend on a wide array of legal and financial factors. A specially trained financial professional, such as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), can help you navigate the process.

 Before your case reaches the courts, your CDFA can help you attempt to reach an agreement with your spouse concerning who will get which marital assets. Otherwise, assets will be divided strictly according to the court’s guidelines.

Is it time to Declare Your Own Independence?

Happy 4th of July!  This all American holiday brings lots of happy memories for many of us…small town parades, picnics, watermelon seed spittin’ and of course, fireworks!  I was born in Philadelphia, the place where our nations Independence began.  The Liberty Bell has always held a special significance for me.  Here’s a great resource to learn more about this icon…read more →

I’m Outraged – Demand Answers from AIG’s CEO!

I have been involved with Common Cause for many years and respect the work they do.  This latest call to action really strikes a nerve for me – Demand Answers from AIG’s CEO – I am constantly amazed at how freely funds are given to these corporate behemoths without the proper oversight and conditions.  How in the world can…read more →

Divorce Dollars and $ense Webinar

Attention – Those considering or in the process of Divorce  Are You confused and overwhelmed in your divorce and don’t know where to begin?   Am I really getting my fair share? Will I be able to afford to stay in the house? What am I entitled to in retirement?  What steps can I take now to avoid being saddled…read more →

Bankruptcy and Divorce Issues

Here’s a great article with information on bankruptcy and it’s effects on divorce. For more information on bankruptcy and divorce issues, don’t miss my next teleseminar this month, “Bankruptcy Basics and How to Avoid Being Burned in Divorce" with Christine Stadler, divorce and bankruptcy attorney.  February 25, 2009 7:00 pm.  Details for sign-up to be posted soon.   Bankruptcy During…read more →

Extreme Reason for Divorce

This was posted on the blog on Jan. 26, 2009.  It is very sad that we have come to a point that people have to go to such extremes just to get medical care.  My sympathies go out to Julie’s family. Consumers Union’s Cover America Tour traveled the country this past summer documenting Americans’ experiences with our health care…read more →

Foreclosure Prevention Help

As seen on WSBTV in Atlanta today…help is available for homeowners in trouble with their mortgages.  As reported, this HUD-approved, nonprofit homeownership counseling organization is helping renegotiate with lenders on behalf of borrowers and having great results.  Call the 800 number below for more information or go to their website Foreclosure Prevention Help Are you having difficulty making your…read more →