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Allowing the gifts within…

This is a beautiful video that I hope you will enjoy.  Lessons on love and letting go, letting be and finding the true gifts within.

Find the gifts within every challenge…

  Here in metro Atlanta, Ga. autumn has descended upon us as the leaves continue to fall. It seems amazing to me that a year or so ago we all spoke about the serious drought we were facing and now a year later many are looking at the devastation left behind by massive flooding. Finding the balance between the two would be…read more →

The Holidays – Finding the True Gifts Within

It’s that time of year again when the hustle and bustle of the holidays hits us.  We seek an attitude of gratitude over Thanksgiving and then run head long right into the shopping, cooking, entertaining and in many cases, budget-busting gift giving holidays. For many people, by the time the big day(s) get here, they are so exhausted and spent,…read more →