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The DivorceTown® Help and Hope Seminar/Financial Fundamentals of Divorce

The DivorceTown® Help and Hope Seminar/Financial Fundamentals of Divorce

The DivorceTown® Help and Hope Seminar/Financial Fundamentals of Divorce …Receive Financial, Emotional & Legal Support  Friday, April 20, 2018: 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM Olive Garden 2467 Cobb Parkway SE Smyrna, GA 30080 LUNCH IS INCLUDED with your ticket purchase Join us as we shine the spotlight on better ways to calm the chaos, find solutions, and connect the dots of divorce, as we…read more →

Alimony in YOUR Life?

Alimony in YOUR Life?

When many people think of word “support” in divorce, they immediately think of money. Yet, Merriam-Webster defines “support,” in part: To promote the interests or cause of / to uphold or defend as valid or right / to assist or help To pay the costs of To keep from fainting, yielding or losing courage To keep something going Support in…read more →

Celebrating a Milestone with YOU!

Celebrating a Milestone with YOU!

It is with great honor that we have just published our Ezine’s 100th issue!  Back in 2008, when Divorce Line began, I could not have known the impact this newsletter would have on so many people’s lives.  Thank you to our loyal subscribers over all these years. There is much I have learned since our humble beginnings many years ago.  Here…read more →

Getting divorced: How to Split Your Marital Assets When Splitting Up

When getting divorced, divvying up marital assets and debts can be complicated. How you and your spouse will divide your marital assets may depend on a wide array of legal and financial factors. A specially trained financial professional, such as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), can help you navigate the process.

 Before your case reaches the courts, your CDFA can help you attempt to reach an agreement with your spouse concerning who will get which marital assets. Otherwise, assets will be divided strictly according to the court’s guidelines.

Divorce Saloon Q and A

 DIVORCE SALOON: Good Morning and Thank you for taking the time to speak with us   LISA DECKER: My honor and pleasure.  Thank you for inviting me.   DIVORCE SALOON: So we thought we wanted to get some information on how to handle money issues in a divorce and we understand that you are a certified divorce financial analyst. Can you please…read more →

Keeping the house may make for a messy divorce

Kelly Lise Murray, a Harvard-trained lawyer and Nashville real estate agent has some interesting ideas and insight when it comes to divorce and the family home.  We spoke recently and look forward to do some complimentary work to help clients, and their attorneys, understand all why the family home can continue to be a money pit even after the divorce…read more →

Clear the Clutter to Bring New Energy into Your Life

Happy New Year to everyone!  With a new year ringing in you may find the urge to tackle tasks that may have seemed too daunting before.  Clearing the clutter from your life can give you a sense of accomplishment and renewed energy to take on other challenges.  So often I find that people are so overwhelmed by everyday life that…read more →

Beginning Divorce? Mind Your Money Matters

As we come toward the end of another year, many people start thinking about changes they want to see in their lives for the new year.  If divorce is in your future, this article I wrote recently can be invaluable to your financial prosperity.   Mind Your Money Matters – Beginning Divorce By Lisa C. Decker, CDFA Keeping an eye…read more →

Take the Boo Factor Out of Your Finances

With Halloween here it reminds me of something that truly scares many of my clients – looking at their finances. Creating a spending and savings plan can seem so overwhelming that it can actually cause anxiety.   Well, just like good things come in small packages, so does taking care of your finances. Break this daunting task it into bite sized pieces by committing…read more →