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Saying Goodbye to YOUR Family Home?

Saying Goodbye to YOUR Family Home?

Here we are… in the middle of summer, in the middle of the year and maybe you or a loved one finds himself in the middle of a divorce.  Maybe you’ll soon be in the middle of an emotional move from the family home. It could be that selling the marital home is the only way both parties will be…read more →


  If you are in the midst of a divorce, you’re going through one of the most profoundly stressful events of your life. You may be blind-sided by overwhelm, but you need to be a quick study and take control of your life again. Friends and family are supportive; but, let’s face it, they’re not experts. Besides, you need expert advice…read more →

Get the Answers You Need from the Start

Are you, or someone you know, experiencing the devastation that divorce can wreak – emotional turmoil, financial stress, high costs to get divorced, lost time from work – and feeling fearful of the potential problem areas lurking behind every corner? Do you wish there was an easier, simplified way to get the answers you need to the burning questions you have? If so, you are invited to our next The…read more →