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Alimony in YOUR Life?

Alimony in YOUR Life?

When many people think of word “support” in divorce, they immediately think of money. Yet, Merriam-Webster defines “support,” in part: To promote the interests or cause of / to uphold or defend as valid or right / to assist or help To pay the costs of To keep from fainting, yielding or losing courage To keep something going Support in…read more →

Linda Robinson Back in the Saddle Again Interviewed By Lisa C Decker – Linda Robinson specializes in career testing, one-on-one career consultation, career transition work, job search coaching, and training. She has a practice that serves the greater Atlanta area and also provides online career services to remote locations. Find Linda at and at the DivorceTown Help and Hope Fair! One day can change everything in your divorce and in your life. Now…read more →

What Goes On At Divorce Mediations? Sample Agenda Here.

Thanks to my friend and colleague, Jennifer Keaton, the founder and voice of One Mediation, for sharing this guest blog post about using a mediator in your divorce.  Jennifer will also be presenting at the DivorceTown Help & Hope Fair in Atlanta on September 27, 2013.   Mediation is a confidential process.  This confidentiality can make mediation seem mysterious, inaccessible, and even scary when…read more →

Divorce Mediation: Options When “The House” is Underwater

Did you know that this month is Credit Education Month? Thanks to my friend and colleague, Jennifer Keaton, the founder and voice of One Mediation, for sharing this guest blog post about options when your marital home is underwater. Often a divorce will involve a decision about “who gets” the marital residence (and any mortgage associated with it).  The marital residence…read more →

How to Get a Divorce: 5 Options For Getting Divorced You Might Not Have Considered

When faced with getting divorced, many people realize they actually do not know how to get a divorce. You might be wondering who you should contact and what steps to take.  Not knowing your available options can lead to costly mistakes and unnecessary complications. Sound professional advice will save you from emotional and financial distress.  Before you get a divorce,…read more →