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Relationship Ending? 24 Experts – Their best advice

Are you, or someone close to you, contemplating, in the middle of, or have recently finalized your divorce? Are you trying to figure out whom to ask for advice? Are you tired of hearing about all the horror stories? The last few years has really taken a toll on relationships. If this is true for you don’t feel alone. Recent statistics show that over 7,000 Americans receive divorce papers every day. Jane Warren and Bob Tomes, over at SpringBoard Divorce have assembled a group of experts to offer up their best tips, idea, tool or advice relating to divorce. They’ve packaged this all up into an absolutely free Divorce Advice Experts Series, the goal of which is to provide you with short, specific, implementable ideas that have a strong impact on helping you move through your divorce process in a positive manner so you can springboard yourself into a vibrant new life.