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Celebrating a Milestone with YOU!

Celebrating a Milestone with YOU!

It is with great honor that we have just published our Ezine’s 100th issue!  Back in 2008, when Divorce Line began, I could not have known the impact this newsletter would have on so many people’s lives.  Thank you to our loyal subscribers over all these years. There is much I have learned since our humble beginnings many years ago.  Here…read more →

Win 30 Minutes of Peace and Quiet with Oprah

Well, OK, not Oprah the celebrity — although that would be lovely — but a subscription to Oprah’s O Magazine.  Why am I doing this?  Because I’m SO excited to be among those who were asked to give advice for the Cover Story in the October 2012 issue of O Magazine – “101 Best Pieces of Advice – Ever!” You’ll find…read more →

September Updates

September is a big month in the Decker household, with two birthdays (Ron and Hayley) and our wedding anniversary – Ron and I just celebrated 31 years married (34 together)!   In today’s world and with my line of work, I understand that this is no easy feat and it’s something we’ve had to work hard at….sometimes harder than others! It’s also a…read more →

For Arnold and Maria and other divorcing couples – How to do divorce right

I just read a great article on by mediator, Belinda Etezad Rachman, “Arnold and Maria’s next step.”  You can find it here.  This article talks about the challenges that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are going to face in their divorce and how mediation might be a better option for them.  It’s ironic that I saw this post tonight…read more →

The Holidays – Finding the True Gifts Within

It’s that time of year again when the hustle and bustle of the holidays hits us.  We seek an attitude of gratitude over Thanksgiving and then run head long right into the shopping, cooking, entertaining and in many cases, budget-busting gift giving holidays. For many people, by the time the big day(s) get here, they are so exhausted and spent,…read more →

When Life Throws a Curve Ball…

  Boy, how life can throw a curve ball at us, eh?  One day you’re going through life happy and healthy.  Next thing you know your world is turned upside down and inside out by unexpected changes such as stock market crashes, health challenges and cheating spouses.  It’s rare the person who escapes them.  My biggest curve ball came when…read more →