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Alimony in YOUR Life?

Alimony in YOUR Life?

When many people think of word “support” in divorce, they immediately think of money. Yet, Merriam-Webster defines “support,” in part: To promote the interests or cause of / to uphold or defend as valid or right / to assist or help To pay the costs of To keep from fainting, yielding or losing courage To keep something going Support in…read more →

Celebrating a Milestone with YOU!

Celebrating a Milestone with YOU!

It is with great honor that we have just published our Ezine’s 100th issue!  Back in 2008, when Divorce Line began, I could not have known the impact this newsletter would have on so many people’s lives.  Thank you to our loyal subscribers over all these years. There is much I have learned since our humble beginnings many years ago.  Here…read more →

Divorce Planning: The Secret to Saving a Ton of Money When Getting Divorced

Yes, “divorce planning” and “saving money” can go together if you know what you’re doing. If you are getting divorced, chances are money is near the top of your list of concerns.  If you are worried about the financial aspect of your divorce, divorce planning should begin long before taking any legal action. One key to successful divorce planning includes…read more →

Getting Divorced? How Getting the Best Divorce Help Starts With Taking Control

Divorce Help Starts With Taking Control If you are  ending your marriage, chances are you don’t know where to turn for divorce help.  Before you look elsewhere, remember that the most important source of divorce help can be found right in the mirror.  Remaining empowered and not allowing yourself to become a victim in the process – no matter how…read more →

For Arnold and Maria and other divorcing couples – How to do divorce right

I just read a great article on by mediator, Belinda Etezad Rachman, “Arnold and Maria’s next step.”  You can find it here.  This article talks about the challenges that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are going to face in their divorce and how mediation might be a better option for them.  It’s ironic that I saw this post tonight…read more →