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Divorce Discovery Session

Facing divorce? Need answers in the midst of the melee? Post-divorce problems still lingering? This is where guidance begins.

First time callers receive an introductory, PRIVATE, one hour, one-on-one session with me from anywhere in the country for only $99.00!*

“I only wish that I had known some of these things before my divorce was final…”

“I consulted with Lisa about several post-divorce issues I was left wondering how to deal with several months after my divorce. She gave me several creative ideas on what to do with our house situation (things that should have been addressed by the attorneys before the divorce was final); explained how the process of QDRO’s and transfer of retirement and pension accounts worked; and shared information on budgeting and health insurance matters as well. Her expertise was very helpful. I only wish that I had known some of these things before my divorce was final. It surely would have made my divorce experience easier. I highly recommend a strategy session with Lisa sooner in the process than later if you are getting a divorce.”

Gwen B.
Portland, OR

Here’s how EASY and simple it is to schedule your Private Discovery Session:


First, invest in your future by purchasing your $99.00 Discovery Session simply by clicking the PayPal button below.


Click the PayPal button to purchase!

After you have done so, you will be contacted by your personal Client Concierge who will provide you with a Client Questionnaire to complete and will be available to you every step of the way should you have any questions.

Once you have finished filling out the questionnaire you will return it to your Client Concierge and they will assist you in booking an appointment time which is mutually convenient.

We will meet by phone, Skype, or in my Kennesaw office to discover your greatest needs and problem areas while strategizing a game plan to move you forward in the smartest ways possible. You’ll leave knowing where to begin, what your best options are to achieve your goals, and what you need to do next to plan the right divorce for you and your family.


Click the PayPal button to purchase!

I look forward to personally guiding you to clarity and confidence about your future.


Warmest wishes,

lisa sig

Rest assured your purchase transaction will be private, secure, and discreet. The word “divorce” will never appear and the only thing that will show up on your credit card statement is D.F.I., LLC. (Note: If this is a concern for you, don’t purchase this through a JOINT PayPal account as our full company name will show from inside the PayPal account. We recommend setting up your own private account if necessary.)

* Your Divorce Discovery Session must be used within 6 (six) months from date of purchase.

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