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Seeking Support Is a Sign of Strength

Seeking Support Is a Sign of Strength

September is one of my favorite months of the year because it means cooler weather is on its way. With Georgia having had nearly 90 days of temperatures above 90 degrees, I for one am ready for a change!

The changing of seasons is always a reminder to me of the ebb and flow of life because just as I’ve had enough of the pleasures and the pains that each season brings, another is waiting around the corner, and just as seasons come and go, so do the challenges of life.

Divorce is one of those life challenges that happens in every season and to get through it with the best possible outcomes it’s my belief that it’s best to seek support.  Please don’t do this alone. Proper support may not only change your legal and financial outcomes, but also the emotional memories that you carry forward from it. There is no need to add suffering to an already painful situation and you are not weak because you seek help, rather you show strength and wisdom in that choice. How can you be a source of strength for your children if your own foundation is not standing solid?

Seeking Support Is a Sign of Strength

In keeping with thoughts of support this month we are blessed to bring you several DivorceTownUSA Experts to share their experience and incredibly valuable insights regarding various ways of supporting yourself and your children before, during and after divorce. Don’t miss the articles on Special Needs Children, Divorce Coaching and Surprising Lessons Learned in Life after Divorce.

Wishing you a strength for your future and beyond!

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