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Happy Halloween!  I love this time of year – watching the leaves change, hearing the crackle of leaves under my feet, and eagerly awaiting Halloween night for the children out trick or treating.

There’s something kind of crazy about watching a spooky, scary movie or attending a “haunted house” that many of us enjoy.  Maybe it’s the build-up and anticipation of things we know are coming though we’re never sure exactly when, and then of course, we know they’re not real, so it’s ok to let our guard down and laugh it off afterwards.

What’s not ok, and certainly no laughing matter, are when scary things happen in real life.  Things that catch us off guard and shake our sense of safety to the core.  Divorce can create a lot of those scary moments with so many unknowns – Will I be able to make it on my own? What will life look like on the other side? Is my soon-to-be ex-spouse being truthful with me?

“Courage is being scared out of your mind but still choosing to get back up on your feet.”   ~ Trudy Vestosky  

This month we’re keeping it real with a couple of true life case studies, one from my fellow CDFA and DivorceTownUSA member, Nancy Hetrick and the other by yours truly (previously published in a book), about the scary reality of divorce financial disasters and financial infidelity. How can you prevent these types of situations?  Always be involved with and seek to understand your money matters.  “Minding Your Money Matters®” can go a long way to preventing disasters from happening to you!

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Wishing you less scary moments in life, unless it’s Halloween!

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