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Professional Connections

I’d like to connect with you!

As the CEO and Founder of Divorce Money Matters I believe in a holistic, integrated, team approach to divorce and welcome connections with other top-notch, quality professionals who value integrity and keep their client’s best interests top of mind. 

People contact me from across the country looking for guidance and direction with their divorce matters. I help them get a firm foundation in place and then seek to connect them with quality professionals in their local area to guide and serve them on the rest of their path to resolution.

LOGO-PAISAJE-RThat’s why I’ve created a new online community for “those who seek to connect with those who serve™” called DivorceTown™ USA.

No matter where you are located, if you are an Attorney, Mediator, Therapist, Divorce Coach, CDFA, Financial Advisor, CPA, CFP, Mortgage Specialist, Realtor, Insurance Agent, Banker, Non-Profit, or offer other products or services that benefit people dealing with pre, mid, or post-divorce matters, you’re invited to connect and learn more about our growing online community at DivorceTown™ USA.

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