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Divorce Money Matters Evolution – New Site, New Look, New Offers…oh my!

It has begun…the shift to becoming more of who I really am.  The first steps in my personal evolution are changing the look and feel of my website to be a more authentic reflection of the true me.  It’s taken months of planning and revisions (thank you to my wonderful and patient team members!) and I am so happy to say, it’s finally done!

And even more exciting are the new FREE gifts I have created for you, my wonderful readers.  So many of you have reached out to me over time and asked for help with issues you are struggling with – pre-divorce questions, mid-divorce concerns and after-divorce guidance.  Thank you for your trust in me.

I’ve been listening and working on many new offerings to help guide you before, during and after your divorce – starting with my new FREE Fast 5 Divorce Prep and Planning Kit! Know that this is just the beginning of so much more to come.  I’ll be sharing LOTS more information over the coming weeks…so check back often, or better yet, add my site to your RSS feed so you get automatic updates!

I’d love to know what you think about all the exciting happenings going on around here so please leave a comment below if you care to share!  Speaking of sharing please be a friend and let someone who may be in need know about all the free resources here…they’ll thank you for it!

~ Lisa ~

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