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Married Couples

Married Couples

Would you like to discover how you can save money, time and unnecessary angst in your divorce financial planning by finding a way that gets you both your fair share?

If you are a couple dealing with financial pressures of divorce, I can help you move past
the questions and confusion so you can calm your stress, make smart decisions, and
move on without divorce regrets.

Let’s face it. Divorce can be difficult even under the most civil of circumstances. Couples that come to me want to have an amicable divorce, but many times they are also fearful and concerned about making mistakes in the process. And who can blame them when divorce is filled with tax traps and problem areas lurking around every corner.


Can you relate to this?

You’re a couple that has tried to save your marriage, but now you both agree that it’s over and time to move on. You want your divorce to be amicable, fair and simplified as possible so you can keep all the legal fees down and maximize tax strategies between you.

People in your situation frequently ask me…

  • What is the best way to divide our assets and debts so we maximize our settlement between us?
  • How do we stay out of trouble with the IRS in our divorce?
  • How do we sever our joint debts?
  • Should one of us keep the house or should we sell it? When? How do we deal with it a down housing market?
  • Does one of us need rehabilitative alimony to get education or training to get back in the workforce and become self-sufficient?
  • How do we deal with costs like college for our kids?
  • What is the best way to divide our assets and debts so we each get our fair share?

If you can relate to any of these questions, don’t worry, you are both in the right place. Help is here.


Here’s What You Can Do Next…

Not sure where to begin or what comes next in your personal situation? Need further guidance to help you move from overwhelm to action? Join me for a Divorce Discovery Session and I will personally guide you to clarity about your current financial situation, help you understand how to side-step problem areas, and assist you to plan the right divorce for you and your family. Register here now to save your finances, your family and your future from common, costly and usually permanent mistakes!

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