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Divorce Your House along with Your Spouse!

It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to an end, at least for the kiddos in Georgia that is. Many counties start back this week making for sad kids, but happy parents! Summertime is also when a lot of families move due to job changes, needing more or less space, or perhaps life challenges like divorce, and so it seemed the…read more →

Stop Complaining and Start Celebrating Love

Guest contributor Jackie Black, PhD, BCC I know that when you are contemplating divorce, in the middle of divorcing or trying to put the pieces of your life back together post-divorce, the last thing you want to even think about is falling in love and getting involved a-g-a-i-n. The research and my professional experience since 1999 overwhelming suggest that the vast…read more →

Video Interview – Love Lost … and Found Again!

Join us at DivorceTown USA’s ~ Divorce Way Cafe ~ as I interview the authors of the upcoming book – CONSCIOUS COUPLING.  Mediator and psychotherapist, Dana Greco, and business partner, mediator, Don Desroches, have decades of experience between them in helping couples peacefully resolve their divorce issues. Recently they decided to write this book together to try and save marriages…read more →

She lived and I’m so thankful…

I hope you are enjoying autumn and soon will be surrounded by family and friends for the holidays.  Though you may not have heard from me in a while, it’s not because I haven’t had things to share, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. My personal life has had extraordinary highs and lows this year, with the biggest dose of…read more →

Five Divorce Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

We’ve all heard horror stories about divorces gone wrong: The divorcing couple who can’t sell their house because it’s under water, the ex-wife who collects alimony while living with her rich boyfriend, or the friend whose car insurance skyrocketed after her ex drove drunk with her name still on the vehicle’s title. If you’re in the beginning stages of the divorce game, plan ahead so you don’t commit one of the five lethal divorce don’ts.

Making Uninformed Choices Can Lead To Unintended Consequences

  Life is about making choices and while those choices aren’t always easy, they are all yours to be made. Imagine bellying up to the counter at your local Haagen Dazs and asking the server for “whatever you think I’d like.”  Of course you wouldn’t do that. With a veritable rainbow of ice cream flavors tempting you, making a choice…read more →

Discover the Best Kept Divorce Secrets to Creating Rock Solid Results for Your Family’s Future

Attention: Has your life been impacted by divorce? If you are wrestling with worry, fear and uncertainty about how to untie your financial knots and save the sanity of your family then you MUST … “Discover the Best Kept Divorce Secrets to Creating Rock Solid Results for Your Family’s Future”  Facing divorce feels overwhelming, doesn’t it? Maybe you’re afraid of…read more →