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Saying Goodbye to YOUR Family Home?

Saying Goodbye to YOUR Family Home?

Here we are… in the middle of summer, in the middle of the year and maybe you or a loved one finds himself in the middle of a divorce.  Maybe you’ll soon be in the middle of an emotional move from the family home. It could be that selling the marital home is the only way both parties will be…read more →

Divorce Your House along with Your Spouse!

It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to an end, at least for the kiddos in Georgia that is. Many counties start back this week making for sad kids, but happy parents! Summertime is also when a lot of families move due to job changes, needing more or less space, or perhaps life challenges like divorce, and so it seemed the…read more →

Divorce Mediation: Options When “The House” is Underwater

Did you know that this month is Credit Education Month? Thanks to my friend and colleague, Jennifer Keaton, the founder and voice of One Mediation, for sharing this guest blog post about options when your marital home is underwater. Often a divorce will involve a decision about “who gets” the marital residence (and any mortgage associated with it).  The marital residence…read more →

Getting Divorced: Know Your Options When It Comes to Selling the Family Home

Dividing marital property?  Know Your Options: When getting divorced, determining what to do with the marital property can be difficult.  As you figure out the most favorable way to divide assets, be sure to look at your primaryhome and other marital property within the big picture – as part of the whole – and try to detach your emotions from…read more →

Divorce Planning: The Top 5 Things to Know About Your Properties Before Getting Divorced

Top 5 Property Division Factors to Consider When it comes to divorce and property division, one of the biggest mistakes people make is entering into negotiations without first accurately assessing current property assets.  Successful divorce planning begins with careful research.  If you are in the process of getting divorced, it is important that you protect yourself by understanding the particulars…read more →

Real Estate – How to Value Your Largest Asset

Are you thinking about selling your marital home? A lot of my clients have been asking questions about appraisals and how they relate to determining the value of their marital home and other properties. To get more information I reached out to Real Estate Appraiser, Mike Congemi, of Appraisal Workx. Here is what he shared: Divorce can be a very…read more →

My Case Study Published in a New Book!

I’m very excited to have my case study on Credit Matters published in the new book, “Living Life After Divorce and Widowhood – Financial Planning, Skills, and Strategies for When the Unthinkable Happens,” by Maurcia DeLean Houck. I’m one of only 6 selected in the whole country to be featured in the book!  I hope you’ll check it out!!  

Government Assistance for Homeowners is a Farce!

I wrote this email today to a reporter at the NY Times regarding his story that came out today and my experiences with my clients in regards to the govt. assistance programs mentioned in it.  My email to him below. _______________________________________________________________________ Mr. Streitfeld, I am writing regarding your article today, U.S. Housing Aid Winds Down, and Cities Worry.  I…read more →