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Happy Financial Literacy Month to you!  So what exactly is Financial Literacy?

Happy Financial Literacy Month to you!  So what exactly is Financial Literacy?

According to, the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy defines personal financial literacy as “the ability to use knowledge and skills to manage financial resources effectively for a lifetime of financial well-being.” (2008 Annual Report to the President) I believe that the majority of people in our country still have a long way to go on achieving the knowledge…read more →

Stop Complaining and Start Celebrating Love

Guest contributor Jackie Black, PhD, BCC I know that when you are contemplating divorce, in the middle of divorcing or trying to put the pieces of your life back together post-divorce, the last thing you want to even think about is falling in love and getting involved a-g-a-i-n. The research and my professional experience since 1999 overwhelming suggest that the vast…read more →

Get Organized to Find Answers and Get More Free Time!

Get Organized to Find Answers and Get More Free Time!

If you are drowning in papers then your financial life may be out of control as well, because how you do anything is said to be how you do everything. If your “organizational system” looks like this photo … well enough said. I’m a firm believer that getting organized not only brings clarity and peace of mind, but allows the…read more →

What are my divorce options?

Lisa invited top Atlanta Family and Estate Planning attorney, Steve Worrall, as her guest at the Divorce Way Café Show to give his legal insights on the different methods available and the pros and cons of each.  In addition, Steve shared some important information about post-divorce issues that you need to know when getting to the other side.

Video Interview – Love Lost … and Found Again!

Join us at DivorceTown USA’s ~ Divorce Way Cafe ~ as I interview the authors of the upcoming book – CONSCIOUS COUPLING.  Mediator and psychotherapist, Dana Greco, and business partner, mediator, Don Desroches, have decades of experience between them in helping couples peacefully resolve their divorce issues. Recently they decided to write this book together to try and save marriages…read more →

Video Interview – International Child-Centered Divorce Month

January is International Child-Centered Divorce Month. In commemoration of this important cause I’m honored to have interviewed Rosalind Sedacca, internationally acclaimed Founder of the Child-Centered Divorce Network for parents, a Divorce & Parenting Coach, and the author of several books including How Do I Tell the Kids About the Divorce. Rosalind guides parents who are contemplating divorce, moving through divorce or…read more →

She lived and I’m so thankful…

I hope you are enjoying autumn and soon will be surrounded by family and friends for the holidays.  Though you may not have heard from me in a while, it’s not because I haven’t had things to share, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. My personal life has had extraordinary highs and lows this year, with the biggest dose of…read more →