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Beginning Divorce? Mind Your Money Matters

As we come toward the end of another year, many people start thinking about changes they want to see in their lives for the new year.  If divorce is in your future, this article I wrote recently can be invaluable to your financial prosperity.   Mind Your Money Matters – Beginning Divorce By Lisa C. Decker, CDFA Keeping an eye…read more →

The Holidays – Finding the True Gifts Within

It’s that time of year again when the hustle and bustle of the holidays hits us.  We seek an attitude of gratitude over Thanksgiving and then run head long right into the shopping, cooking, entertaining and in many cases, budget-busting gift giving holidays. For many people, by the time the big day(s) get here, they are so exhausted and spent,…read more →

You don’t always know, what you don’t know

I had a fabulous day yesterday meeting with several attorneys and a mediator through out the course of the day.  Dishing up divorce while we ate was of course the top topic at hand. I love speaking about my profession because it is so unique.  Getting a chance to educate others from clients to professionals helps me each time I…read more →

Leave a Legacy of Love…Now

  A dear friend of mine, SharonKay, lost her sister a few weeks ago.  Kathy Bailey Bonner, passed away on her 55th birthday from complications of Hepatitis C, mainly liver failure. Her full story is on  My deepest condolences go out to her and her family. When SharonKay and I talked recently, she spoke about not only the pain of…read more →

When Life Throws a Curve Ball…

  Boy, how life can throw a curve ball at us, eh?  One day you’re going through life happy and healthy.  Next thing you know your world is turned upside down and inside out by unexpected changes such as stock market crashes, health challenges and cheating spouses.  It’s rare the person who escapes them.  My biggest curve ball came when…read more →

Want to win a cruise?

  Check out this fabulous offer from Joanie Winberg at  Sounds like a great time and someone will be the lucky winner of a free cruise!  Could it be you? Are you single again and looking for a Fresh Start for 2009? Join Joanie Winberg, your host for the Wellness Getaway Cruise for Single-Again Women on February 6-9, 2009…read more →

Let’s Start With Accountability

In these historic times we are living in there is much to contemplate.  We have elected a new President and many are feeling hopeful that this changing of the guard so to speak will lead us to prosperity again after the struggles so many have been dealing with.  However, I feel that we cannot put all our emphasis on a…read more →

Take the Boo Factor Out of Your Finances

With Halloween here it reminds me of something that truly scares many of my clients – looking at their finances. Creating a spending and savings plan can seem so overwhelming that it can actually cause anxiety.   Well, just like good things come in small packages, so does taking care of your finances. Break this daunting task it into bite sized pieces by committing…read more →

A place to dish about divorce

  Hello guys and gals, Welcome to this little piece of the web world where we can dish up all matters of divorce topics.  I hope you will enjoy my musings and become a regular reader as we talk about divorce matters that matter to you! Guiding you to divorce your spouse, not your assets! Lisa C. Decker, CDFA(TM) –…read more →