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mediationThis weekend, my husband and I celebrated Father’s Day with my children and grandchildren. Whether you are a dad, or you got the privilege to celebrate the day with your dad, I think most people would agree that it’s significant for children to have fathers involved in their lives, especially if mom and dad are divorced.

Sadly, the reality is that too many spouses still duke-it-out during their divorce all the while using their children as pawns.  This unfortunate course of business can leave lingering emotional and financial scars for your lifetime and beyond.  As a grandchild of divorce, I can attest to how my father’s parents’ divorce long ago caused a family rift that has taken more than two generations to heal.  I’m grateful that today families have more, and better, options available to them to help avoid some of the pain my family has experienced.

“Sometimes in life, you do things you don’t want to. Sometimes you sacrifice, sometimes you compromise. Sometimes you let go and sometimes you fight. It’s all about deciding what’s worth losing and what’s worth keeping.”     ~ Lindy Zart

You can help your family from being completely destroyed, if you understand and choose your options wisely BEFORE it’s too late to change the course of your divorce.  There are more civilized and money-saving options to litigation commonly referred to as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods which include mediation, arbitration, collaboration and sometimes a combination of methods, to help couples resolve issues and settle divorce on their own terms.

Several DivorceTownUSA Thought Leaders with lifetimes of experience in alternative dispute resolution methods have shared their experience and incredibly valuable insights.  Their articles below are ones you definitely don’t want to miss!

Wishing you a peaceful path for your future and beyond!

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