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3 “B’s” to Happiness during the Holidays

The Holiday Season is a perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better for those around us.  ~ Terri Marshall

Happy holidays to you!  I truly hope you find them filled with happy memories.

The holidays are a time of year when we envision being surrounded by family gatherings, good food, and gifts, but for those who have experienced divorce or other losses it may not always be so.  For some people it’s a painful time of year filled with stress, anxiety and loneliness.  If you relate more to the later, how can you help yourself to receive more happiness and less stress?

Here are some thoughts I hope you will find helpful:

  • Be Kind – When we are in pain (mentally, emotionally and/or physically), we may strike out at others and be especially harsh to ourselves, but kindness may be the best medicine to help us overcome what ails.  Seek opportunities to be nice to strangers, say a kind word, and do something kind for yourself.  This holiday season give yourself permission to buy yourself something you’ve always wanted (within your budget of course!).  It doesn’t have to be a tangible item though that is perfectly fine, however maybe an experience would serve you better. Think about taking an art or cooking class, or even ballroom dancing! If you’ve ever said, “Someday I’d like to ___________,” why wait another day, be kind to yourself and fill in that blank now!!

“May your walls know joy, may every room hold laughter, and every window open to great possibility.”  ~ Mary Anne Radmacher

  • Be Giving – Giving tangible gifts are nice, but they can be budget busters.  Think about ways you can give that come from the heart and won’t break the bank.  Consider creating beautiful, handwritten cards that offer the receiver a gift of your time and talents.  Some ideas might be baby or dog sitting, housecleaning for someone home bound, cooking a meal, or even helping a friend organize their closet.  All things surely to be appreciated and remembered!

“My grandmother would constantly say, ‘Sister, when you get, give. When you learn, teach.'”  ~ Maya Angelou, author

  • Be Involved – The research is clear that having social connections and support wards off depression, anxiety and other health issues. While social media is fine for helping us stay connected, it’s important to also gather in person with others to chase away the blues.  Rather than sit home alone, invite some people over for intimate gatherings and seek out opportunities to go out and find new friends. is a great site to find others in your area who share common interests. Also, consider volunteering your time for a cause you support.  The act of giving leads us to receive back in many blessed ways.

“The Holiday Season is a perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better for those around us.”  ~ Terri Marshall

Be sure to catch the wonderful articles below from some of our top DivorceTownUSA® experts.  This month I am proud to share stories from professionals who offer real, and sometimes raw, stories of helping people in difficult life situations and guiding them to come out better on the other side. Their gifts to you during this holiday season.

Wishing you a holiday season filled with happiness and a New Year filled with dreams that come true for you!

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